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We are working in the European Union, the CIS, South America, North America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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    Pay for the traffic you’ve actually used

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Virtual phone number

Protect your privacy and use more digital services with Yesim.

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Use in 126 countries worldwide

With just one app on your smartphone, you can connect to high-speed internet even in far-off parts of the world.

Use in 126 countries worldwide

Pay whatever rings your bell

The app gives you a choice of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Pay whatever rings your bell

Pay for the traffic you’ve actually used

Activate the Pay as You Go plan. Get connected to seamless internet without limits or overpayments.

Pay for the traffic you’ve actually used

Achieve more privacy in your daily communications

Choose your Yesim virtual phone number and get secure SMS messages.

Achieve more privacy in your daily communications

Protect your privacy with a VPN

Activate a free VPN, and your private data will always be safe and secure.

Protect your privacy with a VPN

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What is an eSIM and how to get use of Yesim?

eSIM is an innovative technology that allows users to activate and manage multiple cellular plans on a single device. It eliminates the need for a physical SIM card and provides the convenience of having multiple cellular providers on a single device. eSIM also offers additional features, such as the ability to add an extra line for traveling abroad and separate plans for personal and business purposes.

How to activate Yesim Internet?

To connect to the internet using the Yesim eSIM: - go to Mobile Data settings; - turn on the Yesim mobile line; - activate Data Roaming; - choose Yesim Internet line as the main connection. Be sure not to select the "Remove Data Plan" option, as this will delete the eSIM profile.

Can I make phone calls or send SMS?

Our eSIMs are designed for data-only solutions and do not come with a mobile number. To make voice calls and text communications, we recommend using VoIP apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or Skype. This way, customers can stay connected without needing to purchase a physical SIM card.

Can an eSIM be re-used?

Each QR code is a unique identifier that can only be used on one device. It cannot be reused on any other device or on the same device once the eSIM profile has been deleted. This ensures that the code remains secure and is used only on the intended device.

When does the data plan duration start?

The data plan duration will start right after the purchase is complete. If you are not planning to use your plan right away, you can tap "Activate later" during the purchase of a new plan and activate such a plan during the next 12 months.

Should I pick a plan and activate it before traveling or when I arrive?

Don't want to buy a plan in advance? Don't worry, you can always purchase it once you land at your destination. You can do both. Our app offers you the flexibility to choose the best way to buy your data plan.

Can I extend the data plan expiration that I’m currently using?

You can do it easily. We'll send you a push notification and an email when you use up 70% of your data, so you can top up your Yesim account any moment from our app if necessary. The app will provide you with various payment options, making it easy to choose what is most suitable for you.


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